Imagine a vibrating underwear that vibrated more when you ran? All the girls would be fit and female obesity would fall significantly

Tumblr is kinda like facebook without the noise. With tumblr it’s easier to identify the relevant voices, but on facebook everyone’s yelling, even yourself. On tumblr you can just be quiet and appreciate the important things other’s have to say, and when you have something to say, you can say it in a nice , real environment.

Spring Break xx

I was coming home from school, when i saw this ass randomly in the roundabout so i took a picture, slammed some mother fucking effects on it did some blurry shit and made it black and white so here’s a picture of a donkey in a roundabout.

Goal 500,
Followww me ?

Didn’t they think really hard before launching this?

Didn’t they think really hard before launching this?

I would prefer “fire” as a superpower to “water” any day. Who wouldn’t want to be a walking ball of flames and NOT get burned, that’s just mindblowing.


what if websites had closing hours

delete this before you give the government any ideas -_-

March 4th, the only day that is also a sentence

John Green (via sunshine-mountainair)

No, this is the stupidest shit ever!

Here’s a gift, since i have not updated in 2904324 years